Golf Training Room is the MUST have FREE app for anyone trying to improve their golf game and swing! Scorecard, Game Tracking, Eagle Eye, Driving Range Club Data, Caddie AI and Analytics all in a single App.

Training Room comes with three sections or rooms focused on developing a different aspect of your game.

Range & Stats is where you enter your swings at the driving range using a very easy to use UI. As you enter your swing data, your AI Caddie starts to develop an understanding of your ability.

Eagle Eye allows you to look at the golf course/field/driving range (via Apple Maps) on your own which enables you to better understand the distance you have/want to make. This is where your AI Caddie comes in to help and make suggestions to you about the best club to use as well as the odds (like it or not) of you making it. In addition to all of this, we have also added weather coverage for your exact location.

Eagle Eye also has a scorecard and game history tracking feature which allows you to track your game with a simple tap on the screen. Scorecard can be used with any course in the world, and will show you how you are doing throughout the Game. NO MORE GOLF MATH, NO MORE COUNTING, just focus on getting the lowest number you can!

The last Room is our Training/Video Tutorial room where you can watch curated videos of Golf Pro’s and Coaches showing you different areas you can improve on your game.

Good Luck and we hope your game improves.

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