Fhotoroom is one of the most advanced non-destructive image editors that utilizes a completely unique way of editing photos. With a common and friendly user interface, fhotoroom’s unique method of photo editing allows for larger previews and faster interactive editing making photo editing and experimenting a joy even with large photos.

Share your photos with one of the fast growing community of photography lovers, where every member joined because they wanted to be part of a great community rather than forced just to get access to the most powerful photo app.


  • Editing tools like Crop (x:x,1:1,3:4,4:3,16:9,9:16), Rotate, Color Correction, Exposure Correction, Fade and more (21 in total).
  • Interactive Editing for the highest level of control and accuracy.
  • Highlight and Shadow Tint
  • Fusion with Normal, Overlay, Screen, Lighten and Darken (aka Double Exposure)
  • ColorSplash
  • HDR Filter
  • Curves Filter with L,R,G,B Support
  • Borders, Presets
  • Grain, Vignette, Denoise
  • Vertical/Horizontal Flip and Mirror
  • Image Resize
  • Lens Correction, Panorama Rotate, Tiny Planets
  • Undo, Redo, Before/After during Filter
  • Unlimited Undo with History List tool.


  • Beautiful custom designed presets each with a history and story behind it rather than just random stylish names like in other apps.
  • 20 Custom Design Adjustable Styles like, Tsar, Tsaritsa, Americano, Mack, Classic Pro, Velvia X, Herc, Rain, Tinge, Cape, Komo, Kapla, Haze, Adele, Hazelnut, LowDef, Ansel, Silver.
  • 49 Adjustable Borders and Frames (Size, Invert, Color, Flip and Blur)
  • 30 Adjustable Light Leaks


  • Save photos as JPEG, PNG and WEBP.


  • Follow, Like, Comment and Share Photos with our fast growing community of photographers.
  • Join Community started fhoto challenges.
  • Share and learn photo filter recipes.
  • Share your photos to Facebook, Flickr and Twitter

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