Want to put your coding and algorithms skills to the test, WIN $200 and get the acknowledgement of being one of the best! Good, then this is the challenge for you!

Today I am offering a $200 prize to anyone who can write a faster sorting algorithm than CONDOR sort.


  1. Must be written in C or Objective C and can compile using the Xcode Github Demo App.
  2. Can be a valid Framework like Condor that can run in both Simulator and Device and must still be able to run in the Github Demo App.
  3. Must beat CONDOR on all five ObjC tests, Average Over 10 Tests of Each
    • Object Sort Float
    • Object Sort Int32
    • Float Array Sort
    • Int32 Array Sort
    • UInt32 Array Sort
  4. Don’t Assume the Array values that will be used. ThebuildTestArray method in Github App is good examples of what you need to test against.
  5. Floating point values can be from Float.Min to Float.Max excluding NaN and -0.000000.
  6. Int32 values can be from Int32.Min to Int32.Max
  7. UInt32 values can be from UInt32.Min to UInt32.Max
  8. Array sizes that will be tested, 1000, 10000, 100000, 1000000, 10000000.
  9. All submissions must be share on GitHub with a link posted in the Comments section below.
  10. Must beat or match Condor in both Space and Time measurements.
  11. Can’t use Condor sort inside of your sort.

GitHub Demo App

*Although CONDOR framework is tested every single day for accuracy and stability, If you do encounter any bugs in the Condor framework let us know, we will fix and continue to the contest.
*Payment will be made via PayPal.


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